Jane Chandler has been involved in the Real Estate industry for over 18 years, and selling with award winning results. She credits her tremendous amount of  stamina and energy as the key proponents of her success today. Working full throttle seven days a week, Jane insists on being available to her customers by phone, fax or pager. Whether working from her home office or the office at RE/MAX, Jane's service is completely computerized providing her, and her clients with instant updated market information.

Servicing all price ranges, from first-time buyers, empty nesters, to top executives. Her challenge, she says, is to find a compatible match. "There's a certain feel to a home, just as there's a certain personality to each person." Finding that match is precisely where Jane excels. Her secret is in her uncanning ability to set people at ease. The rapport is instant. Friendly, trusting. She listens intently, asking questions at just the right moment, focusing her undivided attention on her customers expressed needs and wishes.

Every day and every time I meet a new client I ask myself, "How would I like to be treated by a real estate Agent when buying or selling a home?" And that is how I conduct myself for the rest of the day. Inevitably, over time, my clients become trusted friends. Fundamentally that is what real estate sales is all about - Trust.

Jane Chandler

Sales Representative

Sotheby's International Realty

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